IR Sat
Current Values
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The 'Wind Speed'dial above displays the 10 minute average speed at the point of recording.
The 'High' is recorded high wind speed for the day.

The 'High Wind Speed' graph below records the three day trend
Wind speeds are shown in knots and records peak wind speeds for 5 minute increments.





Outside Temperature History  

N at 7.0 kt
1020.8 mb
Today's Rain
0.00 in
Rain Rate
0.00 in/hr
Storm Total
0.00 in
Monthly Rain
0.00 in
Yearly Rain
15.03 in
Wind Chill
Heat Index
0.0 index
Solar Radiation
193 W/m
Today's Highs/Lows

High Temperature

Low Temperature

---F   at   ----

---F  at   ----

High Humidity

Low Humidity

---%    at  ----

---%   at   ----

High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint

---F   at  ----

---F at  ----

High Barometer

Low Barometer

1022.1 mb   at  11:21a

1017.1 mb  at   12:00a

High Rain Rate

0.00 in/hr   at  ----

Low Wind Chill

---F   at ----

High Heat Index

---F   at  ----

High UV

9.2 index  at    1:33p

High Solar Radiation

1099 W/m  at    2:13p